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Why Vacuuming Isn't Enough

8/30/2016 (Permalink)

Did you know that 75% of people admit to walking through their homes in shoes that they had just worn outside resulting in dirt and particles being put onto the carpet and impacting into the fibers. Think about how many times you go outside or walk through a supermarket and then walk through your home without taking your shoes off. The good news is that with a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18 months you can remove everything that you have tracked into your home.

Most of you may be thinking, “Well I vacuum my carpets once a week, I don't need a professional cleaning.” The truth is, that as you vacuum although it is picking up the surface dirt and particles it is simultaneously blowing them all over the carpet. In fact, the room being vacuumed is one of the five dirtiest places in your home. A household vacuum can not suck up dirt, dust, and bacteria that has been impacted into your carpeting because it is simply not strong enough. A professional carpet cleaning is something that SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties specializes in because we understand all of the “hidden” dangers that come along with poor carpet maintenance.

There can be so many things hiding and living in your carpet that you would never expect. Did you know that the Norovirus, responsible for the common stomach bug, can live for a month or sometimes longer in your carpets!! The virus can share the carpeting with dust mites, pet hair or urine, pollen spores, dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, and other VOC's (volatile organic compounds). In fact, every hour your body sheds approximately 1.5 million dead skin cells, most of which end up on the floor. Every time you lay down to stretch before a workout, play with your animals, or let your children play all of these particles can get onto your body without you even knowing. It is extremely important to have your carpets properly cleaned if you have young children and/or pets because they are always closer to the carpeting and have a higher risk of picking up the germs hiding in your carpets.

Not only will having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months assist in keeping them clean and free of foreign particles but it will also help to improve the air quality in your home. This factor is especially important for those who suffer from Asthma. If you keep your carpets maintained properly you can eliminate all of the particles in your carpeting from getting circulated back into the air in your home. Clean air and a clean home is very important for anyone in your home suffering from Asthma and it is proven that better air quality eases the effects that Asthma has on a person.

As you can see it is very important to maintain the carpets within your own home, but it is always very important to properly care for carpeting in any rental units that you may own as well. Often times when a tenant leaves a house or apartment they do not think about the cleaning that the landlord will have to take on upon vacancy. Many property owners and managers run into situations where they need to thoroughly clean the units before they can rent them again unless they are maintained throughout each lease period. In addition to being sure that your tenants are caring for the home it is recommended that you have the carpeting cleaned each time a new lease is signed, that way it will help to maintain the carpeting on an annual basis.

So, the next time you think just vacuuming your carpets on a weekly basis will keep them clean, think again and call SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties at 570-344-2282 to perform a deep professional carpet cleaning for your home, business, or rental property.

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