Recent Before & After Photos

Buckled Hardwood Flooring-Scranton, Pa

Following several days of rain, this Scranton home had their basement hardwood floors experience water damage causing them to buckle. Hardwood flooring is diffi... READ MORE

Flooded Basement-Honesdale, Pa.

Heavy rains cause ground saturation which led to the water penetrating this Honesdale basement causing the basement to flood. The wet carpet through a phenomeno... READ MORE

2nd Floor Pipe Break

This Scranton home was damaged when an upstairs bathroom supply line burst causing water damage on both floors. Bathroom supply lines are a common cause of wate... READ MORE

Residential Basement Flood

This flooded Scranton basement occurred because the baseboard hot water radiators froze and burst. The entire home was affected and as water does, ran downhill ... READ MORE

HVAC Duct Cleaning

How is your in-door air quality? Dust and other impurities build up over time in the HVAC duct system and circulate throughout the home or business. Changing fi... READ MORE

If You Can't Clean it-We Will

Why SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties? Because if you can't or won't clean it, we can and will. For example, pictured is a grease fryer from a loca... READ MORE

Large Scale Board-Up

This commercial building in Scranton experienced structural damage die to a heavy wind and rain storm. Some of the windows were blown out while others were dama... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Mess!!

A ABC rated fire extinguisher should always be in or near a kitchen since most home fires begin there. This Honesdale home experienced a small fire which was ex... READ MORE

Specialized Cleaning Require Specialized Tools

This Scranton medical facility called SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties after their cafeteria grease trap snapped causing this issue. Grease is a s... READ MORE

"Dirty" Water Requires Professional Cleanup

Picture is a crawl space in a basement of a Scranton apartment building. Heavy and sustained rains caused the sewer system to get overwhelmed and back up into t... READ MORE