Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Commercial Storm Damage

Above are some pictures of a commercial water emergency SERVPRO was dispatched too by the facilities administrator. A heavy rain and wind storm caused roof dama... READ MORE

Sewer Back-up After Storm

During a recent storm which included heavy rains, caused the sewer system to backup into this home's basement. Sewer backups are more predominate during heavy r... READ MORE

Buckled Hardwood Flooring-Scranton, Pa

Following several days of rain, this Scranton home had their basement hardwood floors experience water damage causing them to buckle. Hardwood flooring is diffi... READ MORE

Flooded Basement-Honesdale, Pa.

Heavy rains cause ground saturation which led to the water penetrating this Honesdale basement causing the basement to flood. The wet carpet through a phenomeno... READ MORE

Large Scale Board-Up

This commercial building in Scranton experienced structural damage die to a heavy wind and rain storm. Some of the windows were blown out while others were dama... READ MORE

Crawl Space Sewer Backup

Crawl spaces are a difficult place to work let alone dry, clean and disinfect after a sewerage backup like this one in Scranton. Our certified water technicians... READ MORE