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Winter Preventive Maintenance

11/5/2019 (Permalink)

A picture of a cracked copper water pipe A small crack like this one pictured can cause a large scale disaster. be pro-active and protect your property with these simple tips.

As the Northeastern Pennsylvania seasons change and the temperatures begin to dip below freezing, its time as a homeowner to do some winter preventive maintenance. The first thing recommended is to drain and shut off the water supply to your outside spigot. By draining/winterizing it, you prevent the line from freezing and a possible busted pipe and a water disaster.

Secondly, insulate any exposed water lines with pipe wrap. This extra added layer of protection is certainly worth the minimal cost and effort it takes to ensure against any possible frozen water lines. 

Thirdly, if there are any small opening/cracks within the structure which will let outside air flow in, cover them with either some type of insulation or caulking. It only takes a small draft to create enough cold to affect a pipe.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties would rather have your property protected than respond to a water disaster/flood at your home or business.  

High Winds and Heavy Rains

10/31/2019 (Permalink)

Picrture of an uprooted tree from a previous storm High winds and heavy rains are foretasted. For 24/7 emergency services call the team that is "always here to help" at (570) 969-9470.

Halloween spooky forecast tonight is for high winds and heavy rains tonight and here at SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties are "always here to help". As I write we are servicing our generators to address any loss of power issues especially for our senior living and nursing home customers. If power is a must, we are prepared.

Our certified water restoration technicians are on-call to service any water emergencies and our air movers and dehumidifies are loaded and ready to roll.

If your home or business experiences any storm related damage call the brand that your insurance company knows and trusts. here at SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties no job is too big. For your storm emergencies call us at (570) 969-9640  

Soot Damage

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

A blue painted room with soot damaged walls and ceiling from long-term candle use This soot damaged room was caused by long-term candle use. Soot can be a stubborn substance to clean requiring specialized cleaning agents.

We recently received a call from a Honesdale homeowner who had soot damage in a bedroom from long term candle use. She attempted to clean the soot from the walls and ceiling herself but, because she did have the specialized cleaning agents required, unfortunately made it worse. With her attempt she only embedded the soot into the sheet rock instead of cleaning/removing it.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties using chemical sponges and SERVPRO brand cleaning agents was able to successful remove the soot from the bedroom walls and ceilings. We then sealed the surface to ensure the soot did not bleed through before we painted the room.

With one call this homeowner was able to restore the bedroom back to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was able to help make it "like it never even happened".

Mold- A By-Product of Water Damage

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in a bathroom from a previous untreated indoor flood. Mold is a by-product of water damage. This home had a previous water damage and failed to properly mitigate it.

One of the main reasons that you should employ a restoration company like SERVPRO of Wayne and Lackawanna Counties to cleanup after your home or business experiences water damage (broken pipe, supply line failure,  furnace malfunction/ hot water heater bursts) is to avoid mold growth. If the water is not properly dried and treated, mold is a natural by-product.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is an IICRC certified company trained to safely restore homes and business back to pre-damaged condition (IE mold free) following any indoor flood. Having certified water restoration technicians and the specialized equipment enables us to return your family or employees to a safe living and working environment. 

We are an emergency services company available 24/7/365 to service the needs of Scranton and the greater Wayne County areas.

Industry Leader

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

A picture of the front of the SERVPRO office Our office located in Taylor serving all of Wayne County and the Scranton, Dunmore and Moscow areas.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties as part of the SERVPRO Industries families comes as an industry leader in the cleanup and restoration of smoke, fire and water disasters. When you hire us, you are getting a brand you know and trust.

The Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is held to certain high standards such as being an IICRC certified company, having our employees trained and screened, on-going company training to be a qualified franchise. This is in addition to the standards our insurance partners hold us too so that we remain a preferred vendor.

So when you hire SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties you can rest assured that we are sending qualified employees into your home or office and that we will treat it as our own. When you are in need of a specialty cleaning company call the brand you can trust at (570) 969-9470.

Storm Damage? We are there to help!

10/29/2019 (Permalink)

A piece of furniture floating in a flooded basement of a commercial building A broken pipe due to a sustained cold spell caused this basement to flood. SERVPRO was called to help this business owner begin the recovery process.

Northeastern Pa. is known for our seasons. We are privileged to live in an area which experiences all four (spring, summer, fall and winter) and we are able to take advantage of each in our own way. For restoration professionals each season brings its own unique challenges.

As we quickly leave fall, the winter will be upon us in no time. The below freezing temperatures, the howling winds and snow and ice will have mother nature causing havoc in no time. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties will be extremely busy helping our Wayne County communities recover from the havoc.

Winter naturally brings more occurrences of burst pipes and flooded homes and businesses; and we are there to help. Winter also brings more occurrences of fires due to heating units operating at full force; and we are there to help. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is "always there to help" when storms like the past several bomb-genesis occur. 

if your home or business experiences storm damage and need a specialty cleanup company like SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties, call us 24/7 because we are "always there to help". 

Accidents Happen! SERVPRO is There to Help

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee using our extracting equipment to suck water from a carpet Extracting water from a water soaked carpet after a furnace malfunctioned at this Honesdale home. Extraction is the initial phase.

No matter how much or how well we prepare, accidents will happen. Furnaces will malfunction, hot water heaters will let go and pipes will break. That is why we all purchase insurance. However after years of being in the disaster recovery business, if we have learned anything it's that they never occur at an inopportune time.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties responded to a Honesdale home Friday night after the homeowners furnace malfunctioned causing an indoor flood. Water was coming from the radiators causing damage on each floor. To make matter worse, they recently purchased the home.

As an emergency services company, SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was called by the homeowners insurance company. Our agreements with many of the major carriers requires us to maintain certain standards, one being on-site within 4 hours. This quick response limits any secondary damage saving time and money.

So if your home experiences and accidental disasters, call the company your insurance company calls.

Odor Control

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

A hydroxyl generator (piece of specialized equipment) in a basement to help eliminate odors from a sewer backup. A hydroxyl generator in the Scranton basement to help eliminate the odor from a sewer backup. Specialized equipment sets us apart.

This morning SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was called to a local school district to assess an odor concern. The key to any odor is naturally removing the source which we determined to be a fish tank in a class room. Apparently it was "cleaned" but the odor lingers.

After assessing the situation our certified technicians recommended that the tank be removed to eliminate the source. After which, we fogged the classroom with a deodorant. Fogging allows the deodorant to permeate all the nooks and crannies of the room as well as the porous ceiling tiles which can retain the smell. The final step was to place a hydroxyl generator as a means to kill the remaining odor molecules to ensure the smell dissipates.

Our unique training and specialized equipment gives SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties the ability to tackle any odor concerns. if your home or business is experiencing a stubborn odor issue, call the odor control experts. We help make it "Like it never even happened." 

Certified High Ceiling Company

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO employees in a scissor lift cleaning a high ceiling High ceiling cleaning of a plastics manufacturing facility in Scranton. We employee certified lift employees for these jobs.

As winter approaches, many manufacturing companies schedule a plant shut for overall cleaning and maintenance. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties has partnered with many in the Wayne and Lackawanna County area for such things as high ceiling cleanings, HVAC duct cleaning, machinery cleaning as well as a top-down heavy clean of the facility.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is an asset to facility managers due to our specialized training, a ready, trained labor force and equipment on hand to tackle these sometimes laborious tasks. Simply put, we have the people, skills and tools needed to get the job done in a timely manner.

If you are scheduling a plant shut down or need a specialized labor force for your facilities cleaning needs, call SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties, we help make it "Like it never even happened." Proudly serving the Wayne and Lackawanna Counties area.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Service

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Ceiling tiles on a hallway floor of a local hotel from a pipe break in the ceiling A sprinkler head erupted in this Scranton hotel causing this damage. We responded in the middle of the night to begin the restoration process.

Disasters know no time frame. Unfortunately, many occur in the overnight hours, especially in the commercial market like hotels and nursing homes. While I have actual statistics to back me up, I just know that I have been in these types of places with water dripping from a ceiling more at night than during regular business hours. 

Even if it is my perception, it's still comforting to know that SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties responds 24/7/365 to meet the water damage needs of our commercial clients. We understand that working with commercial properties like hotels and nursing homes demand attention simply due to the population they serve. Whether it be a vulnerable one like nursing homes and senior living centers, or transient ones like hotels; safety is an upmost concern.

A SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties certified water technicians first task on any job is to assess for safety. Standing water, buckled or hanging ceilings, the type of water (Category 1,2 or 3)?All these decision are made first before a plan of action is implemented.

Having a trained and certified water restoration company like SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties ensures that the job of restoring your commercial property will be done by IICRC standards. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is "always here to help".